Vault Of Horror # 22- ” Gone Fishing”

Hello There! Its a sunny, hot, morning here in New England. It’s a GREAT day to go fishing! I love fishing, but not the kind of fishing where you attach a worm to the hook, throw it into the water and sit there and wait, NOOO not me, I like to use lures ( little plastic imitation-fish for bait)! It adds another dimension of fun to fishing, I choose my type and color of lure and try to trick the fish into thinking its a real-life, hurt bait fish until it chomps down on it and then I GOT IT!

This next tale is almost a lesson to beginners, it explains a little about fishing ( basics that is!) Fishing is harder than most think. But the point of this tale is to be SCARY and MACABRE and make ya THINK! without further adieu…

image2151 image2152 image2153 image2154 image2155 image2156


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