CRIME SuspenStories #27 – “Maniac at Large”

Hello Readers! Its getting closer to October everyday, and I cannot WAIT for Halloween season! If you don’t know what it is, look ta my earlier blog entries from last month….I’m sure more than one person agrees with me on the “Halloween Season”  thing.

This next story is about a crazy, psychopath… in a library! The really creepy part about it is, that this is just crazy enough to have happened, and was probably derived from a true story! ENJOY READERS….and don’t forget starting October 5th, I will be uploading my favorite EC comic stories, the best in my opinion! GET READY!

***Fright Comics USA*** is the LARGEST internet database of EC Comics and other horror comics.

CrimeSuspenstories27_01 1CrimeSuspenstories27_02 2CrimeSuspenstories27_03 3CrimeSuspenstories27_04 4CrimeSuspenstories27_05 5CrimeSuspenstories27_06 6CrimeSuspenstories27_07 7CrimeSuspenstories27_088


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