SHOCK SuspenStories # 9 – ” THE OCTOBER GAME “

🎃 HAPPY OCTOBER 1st everyone!!!🎃       It’s going to be a great month so stay healthy and have fun!

I was going to wait and upload this story on Halloween day, but decided to post it earlier.This is a disturbing story, it’s really messed up, I see why it was controversial! I only like it because it takes place on Halloween! .Without further adieu …THE OCTOBER GAME       story written by: Ray Bradbury 1948   drawn by: Al Feldstein

☠  * WARNING* ☠ ➡ ➡ This is a dark story…

There will be more comics to come throughout the month of October- Stay tuned

  • You can watch the video of The October Game in the “video” section of Fright Comics.Click Menu in top-right hand corner of homepage –> then, click videos- Enjoy!

shock_suspenstories_09_pg01 1shock_suspenstories_09_pg02 2shock_suspenstories_09_pg03 3shock_suspenstories_09_pg04 4shock_suspenstories_09_pg05 5shock_suspenstories_09_pg06 6shock_suspenstories_09_pg07 7shock_suspenstories_09_pg088


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