Haunt of Fear # 24 – ” Head Room!”


Good Morning readers, hope your all enjoying October and it’s fantastic scenery/weather! Halloween is only a couple of weeks away. There is no better way to celebrate your October festivity by pulling up a comfy chair, grab a snack and read a few EC Comics. Whether it be The Haunt Of Fear, Tales From the Crypt or CRIME SuspenStories, your sure to get a good scare from one of em’! I really like this next story, It’s a “little hotel” scary story if you know what I mean, I like a good scary story that starts in a seedy motel! Read on for a good scare in what the Ole’ Witch likes to call… HEAD-ROOM!


Haunt of Fear 024 (EC) 27 1Haunt of Fear 024 (EC) 28 2Haunt of Fear 024 (EC) 29 3Haunt of Fear 024 (EC) 30 4Haunt of Fear 024 (EC) 31 5Haunt of Fear 024 (EC) 32 6Haunt of Fear 024 (EC) 337


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