SO, i was looking at an ARMA 2 DAY Z mod website and left a comment, the comment section require i sign in, and i signed in under my WordPress account. After i left my comment for DAYZ, i decided “hey, I’m already signed in under my WordPress account, why not leave a blog post on my website to let everyone know I’m still alive.” Plus, I like to think ofthis blog as “seasonal”

SO, I’m alive and have been through a career shift in the past year and have not been on this blog much. I see there are people reading the comics almost everyday and I want to thank you guys for coming by and I truly hope your enjoying the content.

Do you guys like the content? Are there any other websites like Fright Comics? If so, I’d like to know because I’ve never seen anyone with as much EC content as Fright Comics!

Any suggestions? Questions? Let me know!

Its about to be HALLOWEEN SEASON my friends ( yes I call it halloween season( Oct.1-Oct31) Are any of you DYING to see new content? Let me know and I’ll throw some Tales together for ya!!!!!






2 thoughts on “ITS BEEN A WHILE!

  1. Hi, I have been waiting for new contents. Thought Halloween season is coming, I can’t wait for new stories. I haven’t found any site with soome Tales.


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