Tales From The Crypt #21 – House Of Horror

WELL, It’s time to open up shop again, like the seasonal Halloween shop you see on the main street that appears out of nowhere each year. The air is getting cooler, days seem to be grayer and the leaves are changing colors.  It’s only 29 more days till’ Halloween…

“Urban exploring” is something all youngsters love to do, it stems from the morbid curiosity of what one might find behind the decrepit walls of a long-forgotten building. The smells of an old dilapidated house and the creepy sounds of the creaky floor boards arouse something in our childish imagination that need to be explored. Even though we all want to come back home safely from the “exploring-the-creepy-abandoned-building-down the-street” trip, sometimes you get what you were TRULY going there for….to be COMPLETELY horrified outta your mind! Enjoy and WELCOME back.talesfromthecrypt_21r_p16_houseofhorror







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