The video below is a YouTuber by the name of Dan Brown, he explores abandoned buildings, hotels, malls, you name it. If it has walls and it hasn’t been inhabited in YEARS, hes gonna be all in it! This one is creepy because  the mall he’s exploring STILL has the lights on! Who the HELL is paying for power! Something weird is goin’ on here…. PLEASE if you like this kinda stuff, check out more. I especially like the video where he explores an abandoned motel and they find some SUPER creepy stuff in it..I’ll leave out the details and let YOU watch it. Don’t forget to read my horror comic posts! Have a great day  ladies and gentlemen!



tales from the crypt gif BEST☢☢☣


This video will explain who and what EC Comics is and was. It’ll talk about the geniuses behind the stories and pencils at EC Comics. If you love EC, this is a MUST SEE!  CHECK IT OUT 

      -=Ray Bradbury Theater=- 

Mr. Ray Bradbury wrote a lot of material that made it’s way into EC comic books. ( even if, at first, EC didn’t acknowledge it.) Vault of Horror, SHOCK SuspenStories, Weird Science…and more…This video is a story of his, adapted into film…or rather, TV show.

      -= Tales from the Crypt- TV Show=-      “The Thing From The Grave”


Tales from the Crypt #22…first story…The Thing From the Grave!

The TV adaptation was not as good as the story, no where near!…notice it’s a “Crypt of Terror” story… work by Al Feldstein, an amazing writer/ artist. AL… you ROCK!!!

       -=11×17 Posters=- 

While on lunch break at work, I had a thought. I wonder if I could print a “tales from the crypt” poster? I work at a graphic design firm. We don’t do high quality prints at our office, just a regular BizHub printer. I printed these from a Konika Minolta BizHub on regular weight “tabloid” size paper. They are pretty cool. I’ll keep them up for now.                          ⇩

Wall posters jpeg Wall posters Far Away PHOTO ♓

-=The October Game – Read alound=-

MUST WATCH! its a new way to read ( or hear) comics! very entertaining. I got this video from youtube, the creator dis a great job reading this story,shock_suspenstories_09_pg01 he even did all the voices well! Enjoy

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